On Enduring Difficult Situations

SometimesYou will find yourself in difficult situations,That linger, frustrate, and refuse to relent.As your anxiety intensifiesRumination, frustration, and exhaustionAre sure to follow,And gradually you become something less than yourselfUntil all that remainsIs an unwelcome stranger;An encounter with your shadow. SometimesWhen you are mired inside the stress of your circumstance,Faithful to the principleOf misery demanding company,The READ MORE

The Wisdom of Control

Unexpectedly, you find yourself on the foreboding frontiers of a pandemic. The threat of being hunted by an invisible predator never leaves you alone. It is disinterested in your needs, desires, or hopes. It does not care about you, your family, or your friends. Everyone is prey, a potential host, and a vector of transmission. READ MORE