What’s Happening Now?

Updated January 2023

  • Spiritual Journaling: I started a journal about my own spiritual development and desire to understand and inhabit a more spiritual life.
  • Aging: A Pilgrimage of Impermanence: I’m ready to move back into my book and dive deeper into the spiritual perspective of aging.
  • Improvising on Piano: There’s something about the New Orleans street beat that keeps pulling me in. I’m trying to improvise the feel of it in various songs.
  • Swimming: Started swimming twice per week. Why’s it so hard now?
  • Environmental Stewardship: Looking into a local environmental organization to see if there is a place for me.

Why Have a Now Page?

A Now page tells you what I am focused on right now. It gets updated whenever there is a change in activity. The About page provides background information and is updated less frequently.

A Now page is a clever idea. You can read more about it on nownownow.com.