Passing By

You could see him in the distance. A familiar person dressed for warmth on a cold winter’s day. Walking the other way. The sky and your mind had been grey for days. But today is sunny. Blue sky. A gentle breeze. A radiant day for a walk. He is closer now. Your pace does not READ MORE

On Waking

There is a moment upon waking when the nocturnal tides begin to recede, but you do not recognize where you are. Or who you are. It is inside this fleeting transition that you can make yourself. Or break yourself. Remember all the mornings you awoke already mired in a frenzied unconsciousness? So many things to READ MORE

Continue On

Sometimes, when you lose your way, you become disappointed in yourself. Your plans, even the ones forged in spiritual wildfires, have not revealed the desired way. The way you need to make you feel at home in it all. To be all you can be or, some say, what you were meant to be. Then, READ MORE

On Enduring Difficult Situations

SometimesYou will find yourself in difficult situations,That linger, frustrate, and refuse to relent.As your anxiety intensifiesRumination, frustration, and exhaustionAre sure to follow,And gradually you become something less than yourselfUntil all that remainsIs an unwelcome stranger;An encounter with your shadow. SometimesWhen you are mired inside the stress of your circumstance,Faithful to the principleOf misery demanding company,The READ MORE

Learning to Breathe Again

When did you lose the natural wayThe way that was given to you at birthOf breathing peacefullyWithout the need for self-attendance? Our release from the traumaDuring this humbling pandemic,From the loneliness imposedBy spending too much time with our thoughtsAnd the distressOf keeping a safe distance from the world,Will begin by learning to breathe again Ask READ MORE

Your Own Voice

Trapped inside the frantic cacophony Of modern life, Plagued by harsh, jarring sounds Of protest, outrage, and fear, You unexpectedly discover That the absence of your own voice, The one that has yet to be heard, Is a consequence of never allowing Your vulnerabilities To speak. The acoustics of everyday lifeExhaust your sensibilities.Voices of authority, READ MORE

Aging is a Fierce Advisor

You cannot remember when you first noticed it.What was the first sign?There was a time not long agoWhen the symptoms were not apparent,And you could not humble yourselfTo the wisdom it offered. But now you feelThe intensity, awe, and humilityOf that sacred energy moving through you.After all these years,You finally sense the presence ofThe wild READ MORE