Your Broken Life

You have journeyed a long time and have reached the crossroads in life where you feel the pressure of having neither the time nor the ability to heal your broken life. Sometimes aging conjures the startling revelation that life did not go as you had hoped. That you did not live in the way you READ MORE


What will devote your attention to today? Stop worrying about what you need to do. Tasks will always be able to find you. And seduce you. Begin your day by grounding your attention in what matters most; that you are here, that nature has made this day possible for you, and that there is something READ MORE

Why Productivity Inhibits Creative Work

Time management is a technology designed to coordinate activities involving groups of people. Effective time management is the foundation for organizational efficiency and productivity. The genesis of productivity is the industrial age, and therefore mechanization, analysis, and systemization. The digital age has accelerated and intensified industrial age productivity. Rather than being used creatively, networked technologies READ MORE

The Wisdom of Control

Unexpectedly, you find yourself on the foreboding frontiers of a pandemic. The threat of being hunted by an invisible predator never leaves you alone. It is disinterested in your needs, desires, or hopes. It does not care about you, your family, or your friends. Everyone is prey, a potential host, and a vector of transmission. READ MORE