What’s New

It has been few months since the previous newsletter. The trauma of the pandemic and the volatility permeating the world have taken a toll on my creative sensibilities in ways I had not expected. This is the liminal space that gave rise to, There Is No Way Back. My purpose in this piece is to speak, however tentatively, from a place of wisdom. My hope is that some of you may recognize a similar challenge and find possibility in these words.

I also authored a personal essay about The Essence of Wellbeing, a quality I have struggled to cultivate over the past several months. Many of us are feeling the trauma of the pandemic and wellbeing offers respite. As a creative, I sometimes find myself writing about areas in my life that are lacking or empty to begin the process of rehabilitation and recovery.

What’s Next

I suspect more creative writing about wellbeing; that is. The key is to find authentic sources of wellbeing within, creatively expressing it, and then making an offering to others. My focus is on developing a practical and useful creative practice for wellbeing.

My mind has been focused on the intersection of liminal encounters and wisdom. The Covid-19 pandemic has imposed significant physical and mental carnage. Simultaneously, the world seems to be on fire. It is dangerous to go too deep into liminal territory without the wisdom to find your way through it. If you missed it, have a look at The Liminal Frontiers of Covid-19 and follow that with Refuse a Return to Normal.

Something Interesting

I have been exploring the Global Wellbeing Initiative, which focuses on understanding and developing wellbeing through cross-cultural research: “The Global Wellbeing Initiative aims to expand the conceptualization and measurement of wellbeing with globally inclusive perspectives to better understand how to promote wellbeing for all.”

Have a look at the latest insights into wellbeing. I would also recommend watching the Global Wellbeing Initiative Summit: Can We Be Happier? online seminar available on demand.