Aging is the experience of time moving through your body. Time belongs to the wilderness. It cannot be managed. In this sense, aging is our most intimate connection to nature.

A Creative Life

Creativity is a mysterious phenomenon. We can articulate certain aspects of it, while most of it remains shrouded in mystery. It is not just a skill, though we can develop skills to increase creative depth. My work hinges on the idea of deep creativity to cultivate a life worth living.

Journal Writing

In this series, I explore my approach to journal writing. I have maintained journals for three decades. In the beginning, journaling was a self-centered and circular endeavor. Today, journaling is a medium to delve into my inner life, confront adversity, improve my interactions in the world around me, find meaning, and hopefully discover a little wisdom along the way. Journal writing is an important way to cultivate individual and collective wellbeing.

  1. On Journal Writing
  2. Transformative Journal Writing
  3. Journal Writing is a Found Thing
  4. Journaling: Closing the Gap between Words and Experience
  5. The Space Between Words and Life
  6. Journal Writing: Training for the Mind
  7. Your Own Voice
  8. Journaling: Why You Should Avoid Using Prompts
  9. Journaling: Encountering Demons of Your Own Conjuring
  10. Journal Writing: A Space for Creative Exploration

Liminal Encounters

A liminal encounter is a transformative threshold between two different states of being. Inside a liminal state, uncertainty and ambiguity permeate the mind. Something familiar and comforting has been lost, and you must turn and walk into the life you cannot yet see,