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Exploring Life is a gathering place for people interested in exploring the intersection of creativity and the frontiers of experience.

On the Frontiers of Experience

A frontier is a liminal space that connects the known to the unknown. To venture into the frontiers of experience is to undertake a difficult and challenging journey into the mystery of being.

Brian Alger

My name is Brian. Exploring Life is a space to share my creative work. The search for a personal spirituality is the underlying theme that holds this work together. I share ideas through poetics, journal entries, and personal essays.

Creative Work

This site is a creative work. My work presumes that creativity is an ideal way to navigate the frontiers of our unique life experiences. My intention is to explore the raw edges of life in creative ways.

What’s Happening Now?

Exploring Life offers a What’s Happening Now?, or, more simply, a Now page. You can visit this page to see current ideas and areas of focus. In contrast to this page, the Now page reflects what is happening in the current month.

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