Exploring Life is a gathering place for creatives interested in broadening and expanding their creative practice. This work presumes that creativity is a means to live a more deeply engaged and fulfilling life. Creative work is our way of turning into the full force of life and discover, novelty, value, and meaning.


Exploring Life is a safe environment for the development, exchange, and practice of creative ideas in service of living a good life. Diversity, inclusion, and equality provide a platform for the beliefs that ground this work. This site honors the innate right for every human to live their best life possible while contributing to the greater good and the preservation of nature.


These are deeply troubled times. The vectors of stress, anxiety, and trauma moving through us are profound. The confluence of everyday life is consistently turbulent and volatile. The vision for Exploring Life is focused on becoming a source of creative and practical ideas that serve the innate human desire of living a life imbued with meaning, purpose, and belonging.

The Frontiers of Experience

A frontier is an outer limit where the comfort of the familiar morphs into the strange and unfamiliar. These are the rough edges of experience holding the potential to discover something remarkable about life. Explore the five frontiers of experience.

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