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Welcome. My name is Brian. Exploring Life is a creative space I use to share my creative work. You will find ideas important to me expressed through creative writing, poetry, and personal essays. My hope is that Exploring Life becomes a gathering place for creative people interested in sharing and exchanging ideas.

On the Frontiers of Experience

A frontier is an uncertain and ambiguous space between the known and the unknown. To venture into the frontiers of experience is to undertake an often difficult and challenging journey of personal change and transformation.

I inhabit this space because it conjures discomfort and demands creative work to find a way. The feeling of venturing into an unknown area, whether in a forest, improvising on the piano, or through creative writing, is enlivening.

My work presumes that creativity is an ideal way to navigate the frontiers of our unique life experiences.

Creative Work

This site is a creative work. My intention is to explore the raw edges of life in creative ways. In the end, personal experience is all we can lay claim to. It is the essential raw material for deep creative work.

The purpose of going deep into personal experience is to find something of value that speaks to something individual and universal at the same time; that is, creative writing is a vehicle that serves individual and collective well-being simultaneously.

What’s Happening Now?

Exploring Life offers a What’s Happening Now?, or, more simply, a Now page. You can visit this page to see current ideas and areas of focus. In contrast to this page, the Now page reflects what is happening in the current month.

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