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Exploring Life is a gathering place for people interested in creativity

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Creative Exploration

Gathering, collecting, preparing, observing, attending, sensing, researching, contemplating, curating, incubating, hibernating, feeling.

Creative Work

Ideation, discovery, inspiration, finding, relating, connecting, contextualizing, integrating, analyzing, developing, generating, problem solving.

Creative Expression

Meaning, value, novelty, share, communicate, interact, generate, produce, make, offer, give.

On Enduring Difficult Situations

SometimesYou will find yourself in difficult situations,That linger, frustrate, and refuse to relent.As your anxiety intensifiesRumination, frustration, and exhaustionAre sure to follow,And gradually you become something less than yourselfUntil all that remainsIs an...

A Winter of Wellbeing

As I look outside, I witness the seasonal shift from autumn to winter. A light frost, a harbinger of snow squalls that punctuate winter here, welcomed the morning light. There are still leaves persevering on their branches...

Dark Night of the Soul 3: Creativity is Survival

Our soul is not always a sanctuary of comfort. The musings of the soul can lead us directly into the midst of a dark night of the soul. In dark night, we face a profound call to attention. And we must find a courageous voice to begin the conversation. Hidden within a...

Dark Night of the Soul 2: Demons of Our Own Conjuring

A dark night of soul reminds us that life is fragile. All suffering requires us to turn and face it directly so that a conversation can begin. Our task is not to wage war on an opponent, but to begin the process of learning with liminality as our mentor. Contemplating...

Dark Night of the Soul 1: Inside a Dark Night

A dark night of the soul amputates our sense of identity. Our survival threatened the masks we wear can no longer hide us from ourselves. We can feel an approaching interior darkness on the horizon. A dark night of the soul is not an identity crisis; it an...