The Place of Our Death

The place of our death is the precise location of our final breath in life; the point at which we were “last alive.” A death site is filled with the quality of reverence and resonates with the echo of our disappearance as well as the numinous vibration of our continuing significance in the hearts and minds of those we have left behind. A common hope is to die peacefully in the comfort of our own home surrounded by our family and friends. We also know that we do not have absolute control over life’s variables. The place of our death remains veiled in the future and is infused with both uncertainty and mystery.
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The Time of Our Death

We are only here for a moment. Our time here is circumscribed by birth and death. The time of our birth, our birthday, is established in the past as chronological fact. However, the time of our death, our “deathday,” remains shrouded behind the impenetrable mystery and secrecy of the future. Death reminds us that our […]

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Our Fear of Death

Death is the essence of impermanence. Our fear of death is the source of our deepest insecurities. Every human life is permeated with the profound sense of uncertainty that originates in death. In an important sense, death is our constant companion in life; it is our most trusted advisor and the underlying ground of wisdom. […]

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The Faces of Your Own Death

A Conversation with Death

Death is the essence of human vulnerability. To explore the faces of your own death is to embark on an adventure into the midst of our own disappearance. Along the way we will encounter various emotional predators including fear, insecurity, anxiety, dread, and terror. However, a conversation with death also inspires awe, reverence, fascination, curiosity, […]

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On Becoming Old

Niagara Falls, Canada

There is a great need to reclaim the word “old” and permeate it with the qualities of gratitude, dignity, respect, integrity, beauty, and wisdom. Many of our socially-constructed beliefs about old age have been reduced to bleak statistical contrivances. The word “old” has become too plastic and malleable. It also suffers from a wide range […]

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