Anti-Aging: A Contradiction of Terms?

In a broad sense, anti-aging is any intervention designed to preserve optimal health, avoid premature death, and to promote maximum lifespan. It is a term that deeply resonates with our desire to extend our life and avoid the changes associated with normal aging. To counter aging is to extend youth or at least the illusion of youth. Is anti-aging real, or is it a contradiction of terms that creates false hope as well an obsession with youthful appearances?
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Our Life’s Work

Spirit Catcher - Barrie, Ontario

Our life’s work is a phrase commonly used to describe the essential character, direction, and nature of our most valued work in life. Lifework is the effort undertaken to create a way of interacting with the world that is of great personal meaning, purpose, and significance. We can never be too old to practice our […]

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Belonging resonates at the very heart of the human experience. Each one of us possesses an innate need to belong to something larger than ourselves. To seek belonging is a primary means giving our lives a sense of meaning and purpose. In the absence of belonging we feel alone and isolated. Whether it is family, […]

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New Moon

Vulnerability is an unavoidable consequence in having the privilege of being alive. The essence of vulnerability is exposure to threat and the possibility of being wounded. To feel vulnerable is to come into intimate proximity with fear. Vulnerability is a bridge between the immediate confluence of our everyday life and the deep undercurrents of survival, […]

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Resilience is the discipline of infusing the adversities of life with a sense of meaning and purpose. At the heart of resilience is our capacity for creativity, improvisation, recovery, and adaptation. A resilient person works with the physical, mental, and spiritual elements of their misfortune in order to reclaim a sense of balance, equanimity, and […]

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