Our Genuine Legacy in Life: Presence After Death

Our genuine legacy in life emerges after death as the felt-meaning of our presence in the minds and hearts of our successors; our legacy in life cannot be found in the material acquisitions that we

Painful Memories: Accommodating Our Wounds

We all become wounded in life. Each one of us is required to inhabit a unique collection of painful memories that retrieve feelings of loss, grief, sorrow, anxiety, and regret. Sometimes the feeling

Fond Memories: Those Were the Days My Friend

A fond memory is a pleasant recollection that inspires feelings of affection, gratitude, and happiness. Fond memories infuse the feeling of the present moment with a positive resonance. In an vital

The Art of Memory: Conversations Across Time

The art of memory resides in our capacity to work imaginatively with our memories in order to improve the quality of our life in the here and now. Human memory is much more than a mental warehouse for