Longevity: Living a Long Life

The quest for a long life is an innate human desire that originates in our will to survive and to deny death. Longevity is a remarkably agile story about the duration of human life. In one sense, longevity is an invitation to learn about the longest-lived people in the world in an effort to determine the secrets of living a long life. In another sense, longevity is also a powerful wave of global change that is transforming the foundations of culture, society, politics, and economics. In the end, longevity is ultimately a profoundly intimate spiritual journey into the strenuous and uncertain terrain of our own impermanence.

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The Challenges of Aging

Artistic representation of human age

What are the primary challenges of aging during the second half of life? The journey into old age requires each one of us to adapt to a range of age-related difficulties. Each human life is a variation on the theme of aging; the age-related challenges that emerge over time are unique to each individual. How […]

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Anti-Aging: A Contradiction of Terms?

The Fountain of Youth

In a broad sense, anti-aging is any intervention designed to preserve optimal health, avoid premature death, and to promote maximum lifespan. It is a term that deeply resonates with our desire to extend our life and avoid the changes associated with normal aging. To counter aging is to extend youth or at least the illusion […]

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Our Life’s Work

Spirit Catcher - Barrie, Ontario

Our life’s work is a phrase commonly used to describe the essential character, direction, and nature of our most valued work in life. Lifework is the effort undertaken to create a way of interacting with the world that is of great personal meaning, purpose, and significance. We can never be too old to practice our […]

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Belonging resonates at the very heart of the human experience. Each one of us possesses an innate need to belong to something larger than ourselves. To seek belonging is a primary means giving our lives a sense of meaning and purpose. In the absence of belonging we feel alone and isolated. Whether it is family, […]

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