The Skin of Impermanence

Sometimes an innocent glance into the mirror results in a potent encounter with the unexpected. Our once familiar reflection has become etched with subtle patterns that draw our attention into our own process of aging. Perhaps a sense of shock and surprise is felt at what feels like a sudden emergence of new patterns and textures on the surface of our skin. And perhaps we, for the first time, are touched by the heartfelt meaning of our own transience. This is art in its most intimate form; we all wear the skin of impermanence.
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March Night Sky by C. Empie

Human memory experiences a constant expansion over time. During midlife we realize that our personal history has become larger than any imagined future. Our memories become an important source of insight in the second half of life. Unlike the bland acts of remembering and rote recall, reminiscence is an imaginative process that intermingles past and […]

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The Buried Life

Corridor, French Quarter, New Orleans

The Buried Life is a hauntingly beautiful poem written by Matthew Arnold in 1852. The dynamic of the poem centres on the transformation of a “nameless sadness” into the “winding murmur” of “life’s flow.” The Buried Life offers remarkable poetic insight into a profound change in the secret world of our inner identity, meaning, and […]

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Breathing across Time

Breath across Time

From the first breath we take in life through to the last, breathing is our most intimate connection with the mystery and beauty of natural world. The idea of breathing across time symbolizes deep belonging and primal participation with the natural flow of life. However, breathing often remains hidden from our awareness, and we can […]

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