Giving: The Art of Risking Ourselves in the World

The final offering on Exploring Life for 2014 explores giving as the art of risking ourselves in the world. To be giving of ourselves can sometimes become an act of courage that moves us far beyond of

Bodymind: The Touch of Thought

Bodymind is a term originating in a linguistic alchemy that invites us to explore the touch of thought. In essence, bodymind means that the body is the physical manifestation of the mind. Not only do

The Liminal Frontiers of Experience

The liminal frontiers of experience expose us to the harsh terrain of radical change in our life. Inside this uncertain and fierce landscape we are required to navigate shocking points of no return

Transformative Writing: The Secret Life of Words

The art of transformative writing originates in the secret life of words. Words are forms of primal, energetic resonance. They influence the character of our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, feelings, and

Update: New Developments at Exploring Life

I would like to thank everyone who responded to A Personal Note to My Readers. I received a number of very thoughtful and supportive personal messages as well as some inspiring comments added directly

A Personal Note to My Readers

It has been two weeks since I have published an article here on Exploring Life. As I do not have an article prepared for this week, I thought I would take a moment to share some of the changes that