Belonging resonates at the very heart of the human experience. Each one of us possesses an innate need to belong to something larger than ourselves. To seek belonging is a primary means giving our lives a sense of meaning and purpose. In the absence of belonging we feel alone and isolated. Whether it is family, religion, work, community, culture, activism, or a common movement, the need for belonging manifests itself in myriad ways across the human experience. Belonging is a search for vitality and reverence; it is the deep mythological struggle to find inspiring and meaningful ways to relate, connect, and interact with the world around us.
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New Moon

Vulnerability is an unavoidable consequence in having the privilege of being alive. The essence of vulnerability is exposure to threat and the possibility of being wounded. To feel vulnerable is to come into intimate proximity with fear. Vulnerability is a bridge between the immediate confluence of our everyday life and the deep undercurrents of survival, […]

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Resilience is the discipline of infusing the adversities of life with a sense of meaning and purpose. At the heart of resilience is our capacity for creativity, improvisation, recovery, and adaptation. A resilient person works with the physical, mental, and spiritual elements of their misfortune in order to reclaim a sense of balance, equanimity, and […]

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Copeland Forest, Oro-Medonte, Ontario

The art of acceptance is a core discipline in the second half of life. Acceptance does not mean resignation, giving up, or giving in; it is a courageous act of turning into the midst of difficult encounters that originate in the natural course of aging. As we move through the last half of life we […]

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The Place of Our Death

The place of our death is the precise location of our final breath in life; the point at which we were “last alive.” A death site is filled with the quality of reverence and resonates with the echo of our disappearance as well as the numinous vibration of our continuing significance in the hearts and […]

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